Opt The Best PHP Training Course To Learn Web Development Skills

Learn PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server scripting language to make dynamic & interactive Web pages from SLA Consultants. PHP is an efficient and free alternative to other competitors. This is a general-purpose server-side scripting language to develop websites and can easily be embedded into HTML. In the requested file, the PHP code is executed by the PHP runtime for creating dynamic images or dynamic webpage content used on websites. Don’t delay! Learn all the basic and advanced PHP topics by joining the Best PHP Training Course in Delhi. The best PHP training & placement in Delhi with previously defined training course sessions and modules to upgrade website programming skills according to the current IT market.

PHP Training Course

We believe in “Learning by Doing” strategy by utilizing state-of-art infrastructure to perform hands-on real-world simulations and exercises. The reason is to ensure that candidates absorb skills and optimum knowledge which will help you at work after placement in MNCs. The Best PHP & Selenium Webdriver Training Course is a flexible, secure and simple server-side scripting language to develop website applications and dynamic pages. This is a highly case sensitive language with a platform-independent tool so it can easily operate on UNIX, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Get in-depth knowledge about Selenium, a WebDriver tool is used for automatic web applications testing to check out whether they work as expected or not. This tool supports Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome browsers to automate only web applications testing. In the Selenium & Angularjs Training Course in Delhi, the topics we cover-up are Inheritance & Encapsulation, Class, Objects, Instance variable, Polymorphism, HashMaps, Database Testing, and others on real-time projects.

selenium course in delhi

Don’t miss the chance! Come and take admission to understand all the topics in a simple manner. During the training program in Software Training Institute in Delhi, we closely monitor candidates growth and assist everyone for increasing knowledge level and performance. There’s a forum for students to interact with fellow learners.


Reasons to Join SLA Consultants to Upgrade Website Development Skills

  • Free study material, video training, PDFs, lab guides, books, projects and other materials for comprehensive web development learning.
  • Training sessions led by experts who have 10-12 years of experience in this field.
  • Take live classes of PHP and Selenium training to help candidates to take the knowledge of simple as well as complex concepts easily.
  • Industry acceptable PHP or Selenium certification that helps students to up-skill at corporate.
  • Lab facility to gain corporate level exposure for candidates with technical test series.
  • Placement assistance after completion of 70% Selenium and PHP training by the dedicated placement team.
  • Makes the workshops lively and creates a better learning environment by increasing involvement in real-time projects.
  • Rearrange or reschedule doubt classes for fresh batch students.
  • Classrooms equipped with live racks, digital pads, projectors, and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • No hidden charges.

Grab this opportunity right now and attend the classes of SLA Consultants India. You have the flexibility to make payment via Cash, Credit Card, Net Banking, Cheque and Debit Card. Plus, every candidate has the flexibility to attend weekends, weekdays or fast track training classes as per your requirement.

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