What are Some Challenges and Opportunities in the Indian Higher Education?

India has come a long way when it comes to industrial revolution, however, it is not just the industries but the Indian Education System has also revolutionized in the last few decades. The Indian Higher Education System is considered the third largest in the world in terms of students. Around 11% of the youths in India are studying higher education and as of 2011, there are around 227 government recognized universities, 109 deemed universities and 11 open universities all over India. There are many universities and colleges which are globally recognized as one of the best in the world which include India Institute of Technology Kanpur, IIT Madras and Delhi University. However, the overall structure of Indian Higher Education does not match the quality standards of the global education system due to various reasons which include the lack of infrastructure and facilities.

There are various opportunities and challenges in the Indian Higher Education System, both public and private sector institutions which we need to discuss. India consists of a huge talent of reserves and with continuously changing economic scenario, there are numerous opportunities which arise in Higher Education.

Opportunities in the Higher Education System of India


  1. Participation in High Level and Advanced Certification Courses: Even though there are numerous master and doctoral courses students can pursue in Universities and colleges, in order to enhance their Higher Education knowledge in a particular field, it is important for an individual to participate in Advanced Certification Courses that would and hence their current expertise.
  2. Receive Multiple Degrees from Different Institutions: In this highly competitive environment, it is difficult for a student to achieve success quickly just by having a single degree or qualification. Therefore, it is recommended to attend different Institutions and Universities to collect Multiple Degrees and Certifications in the field to become a qualified professional.
  3. Improve Inter-Cultural and Linguistic Skills and Experience: In order to make your higher education success, it is also necessary to improve the intercultural experience and linguistic skills which would define your strengths and expertise in the particular field to the recruiter during the interview.
  4. Preparation of Facilities using New Technologies: With continuous advancement in the technology, the Indian Higher Education & Professional Training Institutions and Universities should also utilize latest technologies in order to facilitate and improve the education of students and make them grasp knowledge and understanding efficiently. This includes utilizing smart classes with practical sessions and projector and conducting digital seminars.
  5. Giving More Control to the Teachers and Instructors: Certainly, in order to improve the Education System of the country, it is also necessary to offer more facilities to the instructors and teachers so that they can convey the relevant messages to the students effectively. This includes giving them the opportunity to widely connect with the students using innovative means such as smart workshops and modern lab facilities.
  6. Development of Industrial Development Course Structure: One of the main objectives of Higher Education is to develop a Professional Training Course structure which is relevant to the current requirement of the industry. This also offers the opportunity to develop and update the course curriculum by identifying the current requirements along with the future ones of the industry, allowing the students to grab understanding and comprehension in the relevant field and help them secure a promising job.
  7. Deliver Requirement Based Job-Oriented Courses: After completing Higher Education, it is not necessary for the student to enter into it business field and start their Professional Career. By delivering Job-oriented Courses, it would allow the students to gain the necessary talent and acquire working knowledge in the field and become a professional who will be highly demanded in the market.

Challenges in the Higher Education System of India


  1. Quality Improvement: If the education system of the country needs to improve, it is necessary to improve the quality of the Education System by giving the students with real-world knowledge and expertise using quality course content.
  2. Administration and Management: It is the responsibility of the management to provide quality courses with all the necessary facilities and amenities to the students and the Teachers so that the teachers will be able to deliver Job-oriented knowledge to the students.
  3. Course Curriculum: It has been found that many universities and institutions in India do not upgrade their course content on a regular basis. It is extremely important to upgrade the course structure as per the current requirement of the industry as it will offer the students with the latest happenings in the field and can deliver the current necessities efficiently.

It is important to understand that Higher Education is not only limited to completing Master Graduation from Universities and Colleges. It also includes participating in Professional Certification Courses in the particular field to enhance the knowledge and expertise in the things the student have learned in the graduation. There are many Training Institutes in Delhi NCR that will offer students in a number of fields including Human Resource Training, Accounts and Taxation Course, Digital Marketing Training, UI/UX Designing Training and UI Developer, SAP, MIS and Data Analytics Training, Software Testing Training, PHP Training, Java Training, Robotic Process Automation and much more. One such Training Institute is SLA Consultants India where the participants can Attend Certification Course in any field after completing their graduation. They provide real time practical training with live projects and assignments to the participants you help them gain practical knowledge and expertise of the field and lead a successful career.




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