5 Innovative Approaches To Upgrade Your Programming Skills with PHP Training Course In Delhi

Latest PHP Trends & Demand of PHP Web Development in the Market

PHP is counted amongst the simplest server-side scripting language offering enhanced performance and gaining immense popularity in today’s market. The release of PHP 7 has become an appreciable accomplishment for PHP web development industry. Now, PHP has improved and optimized memory usage and is completely apt for IOT. Many big corporations that are dealing in PHP based web applications are experiencing quick growth in web or application development. Nowadays, in the web development market, half of the websites are built using PHP language, indicating a flourishing future and scope of PHP development. Many popular PHP frameworks are available in the market that will continue their demand amongst developers. By joining PHP Training Course in Delhi or getting improved in programming skills, you can pursue your career in PHP development.

Career Option for PHP Developers

The scope of a better future for a PHP developer or programmer is quite vast. There are several job profiles available for a PHP developer, such as Project Manager (Information Technology), Project Manager (Software Development), Project Leader (IT), Senior Software Engineer, Team Leader (IT), Technical Analyst, Lead Software Engineer, Lead Software Development Engineer (SDE), and Software Architect. Thus, you can see that are a lot of career opportunities available for an individual who wants to pursue a career in PHP web development. These opportunities are only going to available if you upgrade your programming knowledge and acquire real-time exposure to work in corporations. Many training institutes like SLA Consultants India offers job-oriented and real-time project based PHP Training Course in Delhi to help candidates gain knowledge about the core, advanced and expert PHP programming.

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PHP Trends Available in the Market

Laravel – PHP Framework

Laravel is the top listed PHP framework that has an amazing documentation and robust features. It also has a rapidly growing support community contributing the most in the popularity amongst PHP developers. This famous PHP framework has released its latest version Larvel 5.5 due to which Google Trends has witnessed an uplift in Larvel search results across the world. Laravel PHP 5 Framework Training Course framework supports many packages like Artisan, Middleware, RESTful controllers, Blade Templating Engine, and Eloquent ORM.


CakePHP is the oldest and gradually growing PHP framework available in the market. With a compelling portfolio comprising big brands like BMW, this framework is an ideal choice for beginners who want to develop commercial web applications. Join Cake PHP Course to learn all details as it has a simple configuration process and it eliminates the requirement of unwanted XML or YAML config files. It has faster development speed and brilliant security features including measures to avoid cyber attacks.


ZEND is also one of the most widely used PHP frameworks, prominently known as a go-to professional PHP framework. Due to some amazing security features, extensibility in performance, this framework can be used for enterprise-level apps.


This PHP framework is quite popular due to some relatively assuming use of resources, convenience, simplicity and a large number of documents that are made for developers of any level without any restrictions. Templates are available to work with databases. CodeIgniter Reactor has a rapidly growing community which includes a lot of modules, libraries, and documentation.


Flash is widely used for building user interactions in 3D on websites with the purpose of making them attractive. 3D User Interfaces could be Games, Banner Ads, and Flash id.

Responsive Web Designs

Nowadays, user access many web services such as emails, Facebook and online shopping websites through their mobile devices. Therefore, PHP developers are moving towards development of the websites that are more user-friendly or responsive and satisfy the needs of customer’s requirements. In this way, PHP developers are gaining maximum profit.


By gaining PHP skills, web developers can avail never-ending career opportunities and high salary packages from the most reputed software companies. PHP developers as fresher normally join training institutes to up-skill themselves to the corporate level. SLA Consultants India is a renowned PHP Training Institute in Delhi, offering an industry-accepted PHP Training Course. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced programmer, you can join such courses to upgrade your PHP programming skills and get a genuine certification.


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