IT Job Profiles With Increasing Demand in the Market

India is developing rapidly and if the reports of the IMF are to be believed, the increasing rate of economic development of India will surpass China’s in a couple of years. More and more MNC companies are looking to invest in this highly profitable market, and as a result, many job opportunities are beginning to arise in the Indian market, giving a brilliant advantage to anyone with skills and expertise and looking to advance their career to the right direction. Furthermore, the ever evolving information technology has also achieved a significant growth in the last two years, increasing the demand for IT professionals by a good margin. All this has not only provided new job requirements in the market, but also enhanced the demand of the existing ones. New technologies such as artificial intelligence, 3D Printing, cloud computing, machine learning, etc. are homing their way into the business organizations, which again providing necessary opportunities for IT candidates to make a good career ahead.


If things keep going on, there will be many new job profiles that will require skilled and experienced candidates. Some of these job profiles are mentioned below along with relevant information that would certainly pressure you to follow your path with utmost dedication to reach your life goals. It is highly expected of you to take full advantage of this opportunity and fill the exceeding demands with your knowledge and expertise.

  1. Data Scientist:
    profile-of-a-data-scientistWith increasing number of customers and market statistics, it has become more important for business organizations to utilize the great amount of data for achieving their goals. Even though there are numerous data analysis and data management tools are available, it still requires a professional who could understand the credibility, importance and usage of the data in order to make the best of use of it. A data scientist is capable of performing this and has a vital role to play in the success of any business venture.

    1. Demand in area: Business companies such as financial institutions, healthcare, retail analytics, mobile analytics, social networks, search engines, online business, etc. requires a professional data scientist to handle the abundance of data to identify the requirements of customers and taking necessary actions.
    2. Salary offered: As of now, data scientists get an average of INR 6.2 Lakh per annum. It is expected to increase considerably in a few years.
  2. Web designers and programmers:
    Web Designing and Development TrainingMajor innovations and inventions are taking place in IT sector, including the Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Thus, the requirements of professional programmers who could help develop such programs that allows human to perform functions with fewer activities are high in demand.

    1. Demand in area: Web designers and programmer are very much in demand in IT companies, manufacturing companies, transportation, customer care and finance.
    2. Salary offered: The average salary of such professional is INR 12 Lakh in major firms.
  3. 3D designers:
    3D designers Technology is offering the marketing field a much-needed advancement with digital marketing increasing its effectiveness regularly. With a high level of creativity, 3D designers help business to advertise their goods and services over different media using their 3D skills in developing eye catching and relevant pictures. It is a fact that pictures attract more than texts. The job opportunity in this area is also seeing a considerable growth in the past years.

    1. Demand In area: Marketing production companies, education institutions, animation and entertainment industry, goods and services, electronics, etc, are some areas where 3D designers are greatly required.
    2. Salary offered: With INR 3.1 lakh as an average pay, it is a fine job for any creative person.
  4. UI/UX Designer:
    UI UX DesignerThey are responsible for identifying the areas on the website or mobile application, which is offering trouble to the visitor, analysing the reason behind and implementing necessary actions to overcome those troubles. They make sure the customer is receiving the most satisfactory experience, which increases the sales and revenue of the company. Thus, a highly vital job profile for any business enterprise.

    1. Demand in area: E-Commerce, online business firms, healthcare, IT industry, fashion industry, etc. have high requirements of such professionals to enhance their online presence.
    2. Salary offered: UI/UX designer gets an average pay of INR 6.89 lakh annually.
  5. Blockchain developer:
    Blockchain developerThey are programmers who build a see-through and easy system allowing transactions between machines without the involvement of the higher authority. They are known to increase the engagement between the customers and the company without much complexity.

    1. Demand in area: Companies dealing with customers online, finance industry, telecommunication, banking, healthcare, media, etc prefer professional blockchain developers.
    2. Salary offered: INR 3.9 lakh is average annual pay.
  6. Cloud Software Engineer:
    Cloud Software Engineer Cloud industry has taken the business market by storm, allowing them to perform their hectic operations such as storing and updating of gigantic data online, reducing the budget of the organizations to a massive low. It also offers brilliant customer service, fast processing, security and convenience. And the demand for a cloud engineer is expected to increase greatly.

    1. Demand in area: Financial industry, IT industry, consumer goods and services, retail, healthcare, media, automotive, etc. hire such experts.
    2. Salary offered: INR 6.9 lakh per annum depending on the experience and skills.
  7. Cloud Project manager:
    Cloud Project manager Responsible for maintaining and designing cloud patterns for other professionals to operate their functions on a cloud in order to enhance productivity.

    1. Demand in area: Technology and financial industry, goods and services, transportation, retail, media, telecom, etc.
    2. Salary offered: Cloud project manager earn a brilliant income of INR 13.51 lakh annually.

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